Other solutions

Míla has other solutions when Fibre or VDSL is not available. These solutions are ADSL, SHDSL, and Dark fibre. 

Where Optical fibre or VDSL is not an option, Míla offers other solutions. 


  • ADSL business connection is affordable connection, mainly for businesses where high bandwidth is not needed.
  • Bandwidth options are 2 – 14 Mb/s downstream, 1 – 2,5 Mb/s upstream.
  • IPTV is not an option with ADSL business connections.


  • SHDSL business connections is for small and medium sized businesses.
  • SHDSL has symmetric bandwidth with options 2 – 20 Mb/s
  • SHDSL business connections can be configured with up to 5 VLANs.
  • IPTV is not an option with SHDSL.

Dark Fibre 

Dark fibre is an option for all businesses. The service provider takes care of the equipment on both ends and manages all services on the connection.

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