Optical Fibre

Míla's optical fibre (FTTH) is a powerful internet connection that meets connection needs for every household.

  • 10x Mílu

Mila's optical fibre (FTTH) is one of the fastest connections available and meets the needs of large and small homes. Mila's optical fiber brings all the devices in the home what they need without affecting the experience. You can choose which communications company you shop with, as Mila's communications system is open to all communications companies to provide their services.

Míla 10x 


10x is a new telecommunications platform available to Icelandic households through their telecommunications companies and offers up to 10 gigabits per second in both directions. This is a big leap for Icelandic households who get a 10x better internet experience. 

10x is an environmentally friendly access technology and has up to 15 times less environmental footprint than comparable technology. The XGS-PON technology requires less electricity, less equipment and less installation time. 

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