Access Network

Míla's Access Network builds mostly on fibre optic and copper lines but also on microwave connections. Nearly all companies and households in Iceland are connected to Míla's Access Network.

Míla's Access network is powerful and versatile and is based on fibre optics and copper lines. The Copper system is the most widespread since almost all households, companies and institutions in the country are connected to the system. Míla's VDSL solution is available to every home in urban areas of the country. Míla's VDSL solution provides high-speed connections to homes where fibre optic cables are connected to the street cabinet and from there, existing pipes are used for households, whether it is copper or fibre optic. Míla provides fibre optic cables in new, developing neighborhoods. 

Since 2017 Míla has connected homes in the Capital Area, Selfoss and Reykjanesbær to fibre optic network that provides up to 1 Gb/s internet speed. Míla aims to connect every home to fibre optic in the years to come. 

In 2023 Míla introduced new platform 10x that provides up to 10 gigabites per second internetconnections to households and companies in iceland.  

To be able to use Míla's wholesale services our customers have to be registered with the Icelandic telecommunication regulatory authorities

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